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BestCities Global Forum in Dubai
4th - 7th December 2016

We are delighted that this year's annual Global Forum will take place in Dubai.

A unique event, the Global Forum is focused on advancing the purpose of meetings beyond delegate numbers to long-term legacy development. Through facilitation and key speakers, we will explore how global associations can create genuine partnerships with destinations, improving the event's benefit to the host community and strengthen the success of the organisation moving forward.

Open to senior international association executives (or AMC on behalf of the associations), the Global Forum is the ideal opportunity for decision-makers considering hosting an event in a BestCities' destination, to meet all the partner cities: BERLIN | BOGOTÁ | CAPE TOWN | COPENHAGEN | DUBAI | EDINBURGH | HOUSTON | MELBOURNE | SINGAPORE | TOKYO | VANCOUVER, in one stunning location.

In addition to experiencing Dubai's economic, social and rich cultural environment, delegates will have exclusive access to strategic opportunities and the chance to establish new relationships with local industry contacts, as well as the network of BestCities Global Alliance partners.

"Bringing together such a diverse group and creating a 'work group' sharing many different exchanges is an achievement made possible by the structure of the programme and the attentiveness of the conveners. This created a broader frame of understanding and will contribute in the planning of future conference events. The BestCities Global Forum offered a space for exploration and building links to an extensive network of support and knowledge. I appreciated the comprehensive and personal focus of the event."

Assie Gildenhuys
International Association of Group Psychotherapy and Group Process (IAGP)

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Forum Terms and Conditions of Attendance

  • Delegates should be involved in the decision making process of their meetings and be interested in the development of their association.
  • Associations who are accepted on the Global Forum will be hosted by BestCities Global Alliance (return airfare, hotel accommodation and meals during the programme)
  • Upon acceptance of application the association commits to attend the entire Global Forum programme
  • The association will give notice of at least 1 month prior to the event in the case of a cancellation of attendance should no suitable replacement from within the organisation be found
  • Replacements are permitted only with written consent from BestCities Global Alliance
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